Flexus Trumpet Calisthetics - John McNeilTrumpet Calisthenics For The Modern Improvisor

Flexus is designed for both classical and jazz improvisors.

Improvising on a brass instrument comes with unique physical challenges. Brass players know that playing an extended solo not only takes endurance, but the unpredictable demands of improvisation often result in playing less correctly as the solo goes on. Flexus is the first book to address endurance and the effects of unrehearsed movements on the embouchure as a single concept.

Flexus addresses all aspects of brass playing: extending the upper register, quick register changes, articulation, flexibility etc., each with its own section, and all designed to help solve the problems inherent in extended improvisation.

Greater instrumental mastery frees a player to be more creative. To improvise effectively, the physical act of playing needs to be a conditioned reflex.

No two players are alike, and the variety of material in Flexus makes it very simple to tailor practice routines to the individual.

Flexus also contains ten etudes which work together with the exercises to improve your endurance and finger speed.

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